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At the state of the art and beyond

While mobile robots belong to science fiction few years ago, they are a mandatory part of industry and healthcare 

We live robotics at the state of the art and beyond. Within the next year, evocortex releases its own robot platform to the market. Most of todays robot platforms require a redesign and adaptions of the environment so the robot can fulfill its task. Evocortex provides another way: The EvoRobot can be configured in different sizes and comes with different levels of power and can adapt to the available systems in the environment; like a fine tailored suit.  

Furthermore, you can adapt the robot based on different attachments. Think of a robot which is equipped with a conveyor, suitable to dock to existing conveyors.  To get in touch with our robot, please call and arrange an on-site appointment with one of our experts, which will guide you with testing and integration of our robot system.