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At the state of the art and beyond

After decades of being confined to science fiction, mobile, autonomous robots have now become a vital technology for industry and healthcare. We at Evocortex live robotics at the state of the art and are committed to push it even beyond. 

All of our developers have formerly participated in either the RoboCup@Work or the RoboCupRescue league during their academic studies. Currently, we act as a sponsor for the RoboCup@Work team AutonOHM of the Nuremberg Institute of Technology Georg Simon Ohm. Thereby, we foster future engineers and facilitate new developments in the field of robotics. 

Robocup Team 2020

Team AutonOHM in 2020

When the former platform of choice, the KUKA youBot, was discontinued, we immediately realized the need for an alternative. Our patented, customizable EvoRobot, particularly in its EvoRobot Contest and EvoRobot R&D configurations, offers a solution tailor-made for the RoboCup and similar use cases in research, development and education. 


EvoRobot R&D

Our current main focus of attention are the EvoRobot Industrial and EvoCarrier platforms, combining our expertise in mobile robotics with high-quality safety components to enable risk-free collaboration between humans and robots in an industrial environment.


EvoRobot Version Industrial

EvoRobot Industrial