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A tailor-made robot

We at Evocortex live robotics at the state of the art and beyond. Most contemporary robot platforms require adaptions both to and of the environment for the robot to fulfill its task successfully. However, we provide another way: Our patented EvoRobot can be configured in different sizes, is able to operate with various levels of motor power, features omnidirectional movement, and adapts to the available systems in the environment – a tailor-made robot, so to speak.

For further information on the advantages of the EvoRobot in your particular use case, please refer to the exemplary configurations:

To get hands-on experience with our robot, please contact us for an on-site appointment with one of our experts, who will guide you with regard to testing and integration of our robot system. If you wish for a demonstration of a prototype in an environment of your choosing, please do not hesitate to contact us as well.

If you are interested in the omnidirectional transportation of heavy loads, make sure not to miss out on our EvoCarrier.


EvoRobot R&D demonstration


Gazebo simulation of the EvoRobot Contest in a RoboCup@Work scenario

Possible Scenarios


Process automation in intralogistics offers a high potential to save time and money: Contemporary mobile systems are capable of autonomous product transportation within a warehouse. This task can be challenging when robots and humans move in the same environment. To ensure human safety, a robot needs to percieve its immediate surroundings at all times and provide an easily accessible means of stopping, e.g. with a LIDAR and an emergency stop button. If you further ensure safety by using reliable SIEMENS components, the result is our EvoRobot Industrial. Link


To keep production sites within Central Europe competitive against cheap production around the globe, automation is one essential component. Autonomous driving vehicles are necessary for a flexible production site. At best, such a vehicle should not require changes in the exisiting environment. With a markerless optical localization system and freely selectable dimensions, the EvoRobot adapts to your environment instead.


In recent years, automation technology and robot systems entered the field of healthcare: On one side, mobile robots help with the transport of important blood samples within a hospital. On the other side, robots guide physicians during surgery. Such robots need to be safe and responsive to minimize any risk of injury.

Education and Laboratory

The EvoRobot R&D platform was made for the purpose of teaching and training in the field of mobile robotics. The platform provides open software interfaces, giving your students or colleagues access to the robot’s architecture. We also provide teaching material on request, adapted to the robot. With this platform, you can experience quick initial success in kinematics, navigation, and autonomous behavior, e.g. transporting goods in a known environment.
For participation in a robotics contest, see the EvoRobot Contest as well.

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