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Experience the latest autonomous mobile robot of the next

  • Highly precise and safe
  • Impressively agile
  • Extremely flexible in use

 and this unbound to infrastructural requirements – autonomously!

The EvoCarrier – our powerful buddy for high-quality and
reliable automation solutions


More productivity in the area? Then let the EvoCarrier play a leading role in your logistics. It also takes on larger tasks, such as small load containers or Euro pallets, and impresses with its millimeteraccurate positioning. With its underclearance of less than 100 mm, it makes itself look much smaller than it is, only to come out big with its integrated lifting unit and a load capacity of 120 kg.


The EvoCarrier is a powerful buddy that gives your employees a helping hand and, thanks to its autonomous capabilities, is an asset to any logistics team

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Your benefits

Adaptable & flexible – The EvoCarrier finds its way completely autonomously, without any orientation infrastructure such as road markings or magnetic railways. Thanks to its omnidirectional drive, it can manoeuvre in a space-saving manner, even in confined spaces. Turning on the spot as well as sideways are therefore standard for the EvoCarrier.

Time-, space- and cost-saving – More efficient intralogistics is achieved by optimizing the material flow and shortening cycle times. With the help of the EvoCarrier, storage space is relieved and inventories are specifically reduced. As a result, resources are saved and can be made available to create value.

Precise & safe – The EvoCarrier positions itself with millimetre precision with only a deviation of less than 1mm on an area of 1 km². This ensures precise transport of goods without losses. Equipped with appropriate safety technology, it reliably avoids any collisions and avoids obstacles.

Our Technical Details


Basic features:

 936.5 x 370 x (787 – 817) mm
1.3 m/s
Stack height
max. 1200 mm
Small load carrier, pallet
transport, moving of mobile
racks via index points
< 100 mm
Position accuracy
< 1 mm
Safety technology
integrated safety scanner, safety PLC
Markerless localization
laser localization (SLAM), Evocortex Localization Module
Integrated lifting unit
lifting capacity ≤ 120 kg

Transport-robots for trolleys and racks 120 kg


Commercially available trolleys (e.g. K. Hartwall Co.), Wheel spacing at least 212 mm

Pick-up of the trolleys via lowerable loading area with SLC (Dimension e.g. 400 x 600 mm)

Driving in supermarket lanes (e.g. floor rails from Orgatex Co.)


Customized shelf systems
Flexibility of use: 1 robot platform for a widerange of rack variants
Position is held /fixed via index points

Joint cooperation

Consulting – Personal advice and evaluation of your requirements taking into account your value stream for the use of a robot including presentation with live demonstration at your location.

Proof of concept – Time-defined use of a robot at your site with personal support in trial operation, data acquisition for the configuration of the robot in the application under real conditions incl. feasibility test

Development – Implementation of customer-specific requirements for the production of the robot and implementation of software applications.

Launch – Delivery and commissioning of your robot. Mapping and definition of source-sink relationships, handover, training of personnel, further expansion of the autonomous fleet

Support – Customer support ticket system, remote diagnostics, software updates, service personnel, after-sales service for spare and wear parts  

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