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A new kind of workpiece carrier

Current industrial processes depend on workpiece carriers for the transportation of workpieces along conveyor belts. However, if your aim is a highly flexible production site, this may not be the optimal solution. You might need a mobile, autonomous, safe robot taking over the task of a workpiece carrier – this is where the EvoRobot Industrial shines.

Based on the highly configurable EvoRobot platform, the EvoRobot Industrial shares many of its advantages like customizable dimensions, omnidirectional movement, and additional optional features like markerless positioning. While the features and appearance may resemble those of the basic model, the internals of the EvoRobot Industrial have been redesigned from the ground up. Using exclusively SIEMENS components, we offer an industry-leading standard of safety and reliability.

For the same high standard of safety in a different form factor, make sure not to miss out on our EvoCarrier.

EvoRobot Version Industrial

Distinctive Features