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EvoRobot Industrial

A new kind of workpiece carrier

Current industrial processes depend on workpiece carriers for the transportation of workpieces along conveyor belts. However, if your aim is a highly flexible production site, this may not be the optimal solution. You might need a mobile, autonomous, safe robot taking over the task of a workpiece carrier – this is where the EvoRobot Industrial shines.

Based on the highly configurable EvoRobot platform, the EvoRobot Industrial shares many of its advantages like customizable dimensions, omnidirectional movement, and additional optional features like markerless positioning. While the features and appearance may resemble those of the basic model, the internals of the EvoRobot Industrial have been redesigned from the ground up. Using exclusively SIEMENS components, we offer an industry-leading standard of safety and reliability.

For the same high standard of safety in a different form factor, make sure not to miss out on our EvoCarrier.

EvoRobot Version Industrial

Distinctive Features

Mecanum Wheels

Mecanum wheels enable agile, omnidirectional motion. With lateral movement and stationary rotation, even the most limiting spatial constraints can be mastered successfully.

SIEMENS Components

Using exclusively SIEMENS components for all safety-relevant subsystems, the EvoRobot Industrial offers reliable safety mechanisms for a risk-free collaboration with humans.

Unmatched Positioning

The Evocortex Localization Module (ELM) enables highly accurate positioning with a deviation of less than 1 mm over an area of 1 km² without any markers or lines.

Leveling and Lifting System

With 2 or 4 optional lifting cylinders with encoders, you can lift a payload of up to 120 kg.

Variable Size

For your very own EvoRobot, any size from 400 x 480 mm to 800 x 1200 mm can be selected - instead of tailoring the environment to the robot, tailor the robot to the environment. With a size of 455 x 700 mm or more, usage as a Cobot becomes possible.

Low Height and Weight

Having a significantly lower height than most competitor platforms, the EvoRobot is uniquely suited for many transportation tasks which would otherwise require changes in the environment. This also results in a noticeably lower weight.

Mounting Platform

If carrying large loads is not required, the EvoRobot can be optionally fitted with a mounting platform to enable mounting of e.g. a robot arm or further sensors. Depending on the chosen size of the platform, usage as a Cobot is possible.