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EvoRobot Contest

A champion’s choice

After the discontinuation of the KUKA youBot, many teams participating in international robotics competitions found themselves with an unsupported, aging platform. The EvoRobot Contest offers a future-proof alternative. Naturally, multiple-time German and world champion in the RoboCup@Work championship, Team AutonOHM of the Nuremberg Institute of Technology, chose our platform due to its many advantages.

While some features of the underlying EvoRobot platform like the customizable dimensions may be excessive for participating in a contest, we at Evocortex specialize in tailored robotics. The EvoRobot Contest offers everything you need for building a reliable, contest-ready robot and getting it done quickly.


Gazebo simulation of the EvoRobot Contest in a RoboCup@Work scenario

Robocup Team 2020

Team AutonOHM in 2020

Distinctive Features

Mecanum Wheels

Mecanum wheels enable agile, omnidirectional motion. With lateral movement and stationary rotation, even the most limiting spatial constraints can be mastered successfully.

Compact Size

Having a significantly lower height and weight than most professional platforms on the market and with a size of 400 x 480 mm, the EvoRobot Contest complies with all RoboCup size constraints with room for further additions.

Processing Power

With an NVIDIA Jetson TX2, the EvoRobot has the processing power needed for tasks computationally unfeasible on other robot platforms, e.g. real-time image processing.

Actively Maintained and Extensible Software

Funtionality for localization and navigation has been implemented using the open ROS framework and can be extended with your own code written in C++ or Python. Soon, a Gazebo simulation for the EvoRobot will be available as well.

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