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Precise and Accurate

The Evocortex Localization Module (ELM) can provide a reliable pose of your robot system, without the need for changes in the environment. The ELM is a vision-based sensor, recognizing the existing structure in the environment on the ceiling and the floor for localization. Other localization systems use markers in the environment or radio beacons. While the structure from the ceiling provides the robustness of the forwarded pose, the structure on the floor provides high accuracy.  

Although the structure on the floor does not look to be recognizable for the human eye, the ELM uses computer vision algorithms to perform a localization with an error of less than 1 mm.  

The communication is achieved via ethernet or Wi-Fi. It comes with an integration for ROS, providing easy to use and fast access to the data.  

At the moment, we are looking for test customers. 


because no changes in the infrastrucutre are needed

in​ comparison​ to​ e.g. radio​ based​ systems

because localization is not radio based

because​ ceiling​ and floor​ is​ utilized for​ localization

because additional external sensor data (WiFi signal strength, vehicle’s  odometry, RFID markers, …) can be integrated

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