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An excellent choice for the RoboCup – EvoRobot Contest

April 14, 2021 / News / Dimitrios Kasderidis

RoboCup is the leading and largest competition for intelligent robots and one of the world’s most important technology events in research and education. For more than 20 years, RoboCup has proven itself as an international competition to significantly develop competencies in the field of robotics and artificial intelligence in a public-spirited way. Thereby, the RoboCup leagues are for researchers, scientists and students, but also for pupils (junior leagues). 

One of the five major leagues is RoboCup@Work. Robotics has an essential and very diverse part in smart manufacturing, therefore this international competition is about developing robots that can autonomously perform transport and handling tasks in an abstracted industrial environment and solve robotics problems around Industry 4.0 and Smart Factories.

In addition to taking over tasks in production, handling and assembly, robots are expanding their range of tasks into the field of intralogistics. Components and tools have to be transported between different work stations in a timely manner. For this purpose, autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) must navigate safely in high-dynamic environments, recognize objects in their area and pick them up accordingly. Moreover, the logistics workflow must be efficiently planned and optimized to work together with the manufacturing workflow to ensure a productive manufacturing chain.

Partners already using our Contest platform

The FHWS is using our EvoRobot Contest to compete in various disciplines of the RoboCup@Work. It has been supplemented with a robot arm for this purpose and is used as a cobot application. In this case, the FHWS uses a UR3e from Universal Robots.

Our EvoRobot Contest platform provides a very good basis to tackle the tasks of the @Work league and offers everything needed for building a reliable, contest-ready robot and getting it done quickly:

> Sick LiDAR sensor for mapping, localization and navigation

> Mecanum wheels for omnidirectional drive, which allows to maneuver even in narrow and restricted areas

> Evocortex-Localization Module, a camara-based sensor scanning the underground, which enables the robot to localize itself and estimate their movement based on the feature recognition of the ground surface

> Mounting platform, made of aluminum profile, makes it easy to add additional components and sensors

To our cooperation partner FHWS and its team we would like to say thank you and wish you further success for SWOT at the RoboCup.

In addition, we are sponsoring the AUTONOHM team from the TH Nuremberg, which also participates in the RoboCup@Work league with our EvoRobot and has already become multiple-time German Champion and World Champion.

SAVE THE DATE || 22.-28.06.2021 || RoboCup@Work: Competing for the Factory of the Future

This year, RoboCup 2021 Worldwide – RoboCup@Work will take place online. This is a fully virtual event.